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One of VDF’s constitutional objectives is to enhance peace building in communities. In ensuring that peace building is enhanced in our communities, the organization shall provide support in the form of strengthening the existing peace building social structures within the communities where they exist or establish new ones where necessary. In collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and Interior, the organization will support in the renovation and maintenance of security facilities and construct some where they do not exist. It is the fervent belief of the Organisation that in peace everything is possible and the preservation of that peace is an obligation on every Gambian or every organisation operating in the Gambia. The coexistence of the various sectors of society in the Gambia is a commodity that even the most developed countries aspire. VDF believes that participating in building and maintaining peace is a prerequisite and indispensable step to achieving sustainable development and consequently shall be high on our agenda.

During our brainstorming exercise, it was found out that the threats to our peace are mainly due to the increase in unemployment amongst our ever increasing youth population, cultural barriers affecting development initiatives in our communities, insufficient access to land for settling and farming, insufficient policing structures, inadequate civic education in our communities and the prevalence of high-level of poverty.

 Unemployment of youths leads to idleness, drug consumption and crime and consequently social decadence.

The traditional land tenure system which alienates some strata of society or social groupings access to land leads to conflict over land.

The proliferation of light and small arms notwithstanding discriminatory social problems also jeopardises peace as it encourages robberies and other forms of crime. The Inadequate supply of sufficient policing structures is due to the dispersed nature of our settlements. This makes it difficult for government to provide security personnel to all communities.

The alternative community conflict resolution structures are mostly dysfunctional because most of the Elders Councils are found to be less effective due to the lack of adequate resources.

The low level of awareness in peace building is due to inadequate sensitisation conducted in communities, the inadequacy of effective conflict resolution structures and again ineffective Elders’ Councils we have in our communities. It is evident that poverty is pivotal in conflict creation and it is crosscutting in all the problems stated hereinbefore.


Result Area

Indicator (number)

Target Period

Sensitisation of communities in peace building

75communities sensitised (D1125000)

2014 – 2020

Strengthening Alternative conflict resolution structures (ACDRS)

ACDRS strengthened ( D600, 000)

2014 – 2020

Train communities in conflict resolution.

225 participants trained in conflict resolution (D500000)

2014 – 2016

Support Communities in disaster prevention, preparedness and coping strategies.

D1.2m provided to support affected communities.

2014 – 2020

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