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income generating capacity of women and youths improved

raised funds 70%


One of the main constitutional objectives of the Organisation is to improve the income generating capacity of affiliated groups.  During the brainstorming exercise it was found that three main problems are causes of low income generation capacity of the affiliated groups. These are the inadequate management skills. The reasons for this are that most of them are illiterates and hence lack basic numeracy and literacy skills, improper coordination of their projects by team leaders and inadequate monitoring and evaluation of their activities.

The second problem is that they have inadequate capital to conduct their businesses. They find it hard to access loans and grants due to conditions attached for accessing such facilities. Such conditions include high interest rates levied on loan and the counterpart contributions. They also find it hard to acquire relevant inputs for meaningful production. The hardiest bit is that they sometimes find it extremely difficult to recover loans given to group members.

The third and final problem is that sometimes their products are of lower quality which is mainly attributed to inadequate access to financial services and training. . The quality of their products also degenerates over time and the reason for this is their inadequate supply of proper skills and facilities for processing, preservation, storage and marketing.


Result Area

Indicator (number)

Target Period

Provide low-interest revolving loans

5 million Dalasi is provided to groups as loans.

2014 – 2020

Provide  training in processing, preservation storage marketing skills

300 participants trained in processing, preservation, storage and marketing skills. (D90000)

2014 – 2015

Provide processing,  preservation and storage facilities

2 million Dalasi provided for on facilities

2014 – 2015

Develop a systematic loan revolving scheme.

A systematic loan revolving scheme developed. (D50000)

March 2014

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