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During the brainstorming exercise, it came out vividly that the preservation of our environment contributes to health and socioeconomic development. As a partner in development, it is necessary to contribute to the preservation of our environment. Two key problems were identified as factors contributing to environmental problems. Firstly, there is the prevalence of poor environmental sanitation especially in the urban areas. This problem is attributed to the fact that the increase in population and its corresponding waste generation overwhelms the capacity of local authorities. It is observed that the inadequate provision of waste collection vehicles, the inadequate supply of refuse collection personnel and the irregular collection of refuse are the main cause of the poor environmental sanitation in our communities. It is believed that intervening in the area of refuse collection and disposal will go a long way in improving environmental sanitation in our communities. Hence we shall be committed to helping to improving environmental sanitation by contributing to alleviate the problems of waste collected by the local authorities.

Secondly, it is also observed that there is a low capacity to respond to environmental disasters. This is mainly due to the demand for settlement by the increase in urban populations. This situation has led to people settling in waterways and low lying areas. The consequences of this are huge displacement of people in disaster prone areas. It is agreed that because of the magnitude of the situation, there is inadequate access to relief supplies and likewise inadequate supply of relief material to enhancing the coping strategies for disaster in such areas. This activity will be conducted in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA). The organisation deems it necessary to contribute to providing relief supplies and provision of materials to enhance the coping strategies of affected communities and will help in alleviating disaster related problems in disaster prone areas.

In responses to the fast rate of depletion of the forest, which is contributing to climate change with its attendant hazards, the organisation shall work with relevant stakeholders in supporting communities to plant trees, combat bush fires and promote use of energy saving devices.

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